U.S. EE and I Savings Bond Price Generator
The easiest way for Quicken users to track U.S. savings bonds.
With a comprehensive personal finance program like Quicken, a complicated separate Savings Bond program shouldn't be needed. The predecessor program (EEBVE) provided an easy way to update the current and past values for US Savings Bonds for over 20 years. Unfortunately, it had to be retired. However, that doesn't mean that the concept is dead. I'm working on finishing a new program (SBPG), written from scratch, using modern tools. It will be even easier to use, compatible with modern Windows systems, and should work indefinitely, unless the Treasury changes their file format.

Each 6 months, download the new file from the Treasury's website, run SBPG, and within seconds you'll have 6 months of bond data, converted and ready to import into Quicken.

Coming soon....

Until then, if you are a former EEBVE user, or want to set up your bonds the SBPG/EEBVE way (see the help), you can download data files generated from the developement version of SBPG.

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