U.S. EE and I Savings Bond Price Generator
The easiest way for Quicken users to track U.S. savings bonds.

(Frequently Asked Questions)

0. I'm using Quicken 2009 or higher and get "File not Found or Unreadable" when I try to import prices?

There seems to have been a change in Quicken 2009 to restrict what directories that a file can be in to be used for importing prices. It is unclear what directories are forbidden, but directories under \Program Files\ are a problem. By default EEBVE installs in Program Files\MKS\. If you have this problem while using Quicken 2009, either manually move EEBVE.PRC to another directory each time such as C:\, or deinstall EEBVE and reinstall it in another directory such as C:\MKS\. The default install directory is now c:\MKS again to help address this problem.

1. Why can't I choose a date or save settings?

Those functions are only available in the registered version of the program. With the unregistered version the values can only be generated for the current month. If you are a registered user, try re-entering you registration code. Note that updates to new versions of Windows and/or Quicken may require you to re-enter your registration code for EEBVE.

2. Why isn't EEBVE providing values for my bonds?

Make sure you are using the current version of the program. Also, make sure you have set up your savings bonds in Quicken using my special instructions. They are in the program help, and on this page.

3. Why doesn't the "Quick 'n' Automatic" function work with Quicken 2001 or newer?

Intuit has changed or removed the portion of their API for communicating security prices. Quicken 2001 and higher users will have to use the "File...Import...Import Prices" menu selection to import the price file created by the "Generate Values" function of EEBVE. You must be in the Portfolio View to see this menu selection. The name of the price file to import is typically "c:\mks\eebve.prc" and starting with EEBVE Version 5 and higher will be placed in the clipboard, allowing you to fill it into the box with a simple <Ctrl-V>. The dates are in the price file, so you can ignore the date on the dialogue box. The help file also shows this procedure. Here is a more detailed walk-through of the process:

After choosing the date, push the "Generate Values" button. When it stops adding values to the scrollbox, the prices are ready to be imported. You may look at the values that have been generated in the scroll box (optional). You may exit Bond Value Estimator before importing (optional).

To perform the Quicken import, bring up a Portfolio View in Quicken. Then select Import Prices on the File menu. A dialog box will come up and you will enter <Ctrl-V> to automatically enter the correct name, or manually type c:\mks\eebve.prc as the file name (if you didn't install EEBVE in the default directory "c:\mks\", you will have to specify the path to where you did install it). Ignore the date, it has already been specified in the price file for you. Click OK and a success dialog box should come up.

4. Why can't I get help to work?

Old style help files no longer work in the current versions of Windows without installing software direct from Microsoft. I have made a web version of the help, which you can find here.

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