U.S. EE Savings Bond Value Evaluator
The easiest way for Quicken users to track U.S. savings bonds.
EEBVE ScreenShotWith a comprehensive personal finance program like Quicken, a complicated separate Savings Bond program shouldn't be needed. This program made that so. It provided an easy way to update the current and past values for US Savings Bonds for over 20 years. Unfortunately, the failure of the last old system that could maintain the program, means that it must be retired.
However, that doesn't mean that the concept is dead. I'm working on writing a new program from scratch, using modern tools. It will be easier to use, more compatible with modern Windows systems, and won't require a complete re-install ever six months. Look for an announcement here, in August 2016.

Some user comments

  • Nice program! (D.D.)
  • Liked your bond evaluator a lot. (R.M.)
  • Finally! Great product. (R.K.)
  • very helpful... thanks. (D.R.)
  • Glad to stumble across this. (L.C.)
  • Great Program! (R.C.)
  • Great application!
  • I especially like the interface with Quicken
  • ...just what I was looking for. The Quicken update works well...

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