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Below are Free Email Accounts (mostly advertiser supported).

Service Name Mail Domain Comments pop fwd web MB
AIM Mail aim.com WWW based.
No No Yes 2000
Cabled eMail cabled.org WWW based. Lots of great names still available.
Pay Pay Yes 25
Excite excite.com WWW based.
Pay Pay Yes 125
Gmail gmail.com WWW based. Supports forwarding and POP3. Set the standard for storage.
Yes Yes Yes 2600+
HotMail hotmail.com Pros: Strong company, good filtering/blocking capabilities. Cons: Tied to MS passport, low respect address. Pay No Yes 250
Juno juno.com WWW based. No No Yes 1000
Mail.com many domains WWW based. Pay Pay Yes 10
Lycos Mail lycos.com WWW based. Pay No Yes 5
Netscape Mail netscape.net WWW based. No No Yes 250
Ureach ureach.com WWW based. Many extended services removed. Pay No Yes 6
Yahoo yahoo.com WWW based. Pay Pay Yes 1000

If you know of a major service or one that has unique features - email info the info to us.

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